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Reveal The Best Carpet Cleaning Method For Allergies

If you are among the one struggling with allergies, then you know it is perilous to be a part of your regular carpet cleaning schedule. Carpets are the important elements of your property susceptible to dirt, pollen, dust, and other pollutants. Therefore, cleaning them help you reduce allergy symptoms. In this blog, we have to reveal the best carpet cleaning method for allergies.

From so many cleaning products available in the market, it becomes important to choose the eco-friendly products. This can help you reduce irritant allergy symptoms. Here we have mentioned carpet cleaning methods to help decrease the issues related to allergies.

Tip: Use non-toxic i.e. chemical-free cleaning solutions to prevent the problems of allergies. Also, you can use baking soda and vinegar for cleaning up your carpet stains as they are non-toxic.

Vacuum Cleaning

Ensure that you vacuum your carpets using a double bag or HEPA filter. Also, you can sprinkle baking soda on your carpet and let it rest for 15 to 20 minutes and then vacuum it up. As a result, all the odor and small dust particles draw out from your carpet.

Steam Cleaning

To deep clean your carpet, steam cleaning is the best solution. It uses hot water steam to destroy the allergens and bacteria from your carpet. Are you aware that the mold grows within 12 hours? You can hire the professionals if you want to clean your carpet, eliminating all the harmful pollutants that cause harm to your health.

Spot Cleaning

Before jumping into an affected area, experts recommend examining it first to get rid of pet urine, spilled drinks and other stains. Use vinegar to a spoiled area that needs to be clean. Sprinkle a little of baking soda over the area having vinegar. As a result, the bubble will form on the floor and help you eliminate the stains. After a few minutes, wipe up the stains and until it is clean and then vacuum to remove any leftover.

The Bottom Line

Above mentioned the best carpet cleaning method for allergies can help you provide a healthy and cleaned carpet. For a more thorough cleaning result, to take the help of professionals is essential. From so many experts providing carpet cleaning service it becomes difficult to choose the best one.

Confused to hire the best carpet cleaning company?  We, at Extreme Cleaning Services, helps you to deep clean your carpet using the eco-friendly cleaning solutions to prevent all your allergies issues. To know how we can provide the best cleaning result using the best cleaning methods, call us at 647-772-7962.

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