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Outsourcing is The Best Way For Commercial Cleaning

Very soon everyone is going to celebrate Christmas Eve. One of the most awaited festivals in the year. On this day People celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. Friends and relatives come to visit each other places to wish and celebrate. Employees organize a Christmas party at the office before the Christmas holidays start. Party means the more possibility of stains and spills, right? Other than this there are many areas where many harmful germs and bacteria’s are present. So, having a commercial cleaning services is a must for deep cleaning your office.  

Because these germs and bacteria can make the employee sick and can affect productivity. Many of the diseases are contagious, which easily catches the other employee in the office and the chain goes on. These usually happen when the device or object is not operated s single-handedly such as a landline or cordless phones, keyboards and so on.

So, it is vital to have a regular office cleaning. Therefore, while employees enjoying their holidays. Make sure you provide a deep clean to your office. It is good to give a personal attention towards the cleaning (DIY) but when it comes to professional commercial cleaning no one can reach their level of cleaning. When considering how to make sure your office stays safe, clean and hygienic to work in. it is worth considering the pros and cons of retaining a professional commercial cleaning service. Here is a comparison between cleaning the office yourself or hiring a cleaner directly.    


Self-cleaning is a technique which is usually done by small businesses and especially the business startups. This is a perfectly acceptable solution for many. Although, there are snags to this solutions. Purchasing cleaning consumables at full retail prices becomes expensive over time, and office cleaning may be neglected during especially busy times or during holiday periods. Moreover, some cleaning products and tools have a risk at some points. So, it makes look like the most economical solution. Once you add the cleaning factor in your employees’ hourly rates, the potential risk and liabilities and irregularity of service, self-cleaning really isn’t the budget-friendly option it might first appear to be.   

Benefits of Outsourcing The Cleaning Tasks

There are many benefits of hiring a professional cleaning service. Industry analysts at the International Facility Management Association figure outs that the in-house cleaning services cost up to 20-25% more than contract outsourced cleaning firm. A contract based cleaning firm will alter its cleaning services according to your requirements to provide you with the best cleaning and hygienic areas for employees. Outsourcing eliminates the hassles of interviewing and appointing cleaning staff, creating and monitoring the cleaning schedules and asking your staff to have a quality check.

To encapsulate, outsourcing your cleaning jobs means you are giving an agreement. In addition, this is not only precisely define what your contract cleaning company will deliver but also shows how well it understands the needs of your business. The best thing is that you don’t need to Google for commercial cleaning services. Hence, it is a one-time investment until the contract gets over.  

If you need a commercial cleaning, then contact Extremer Cleaning Services who provide commercial/office cleaning in TORONTO, MISSISSAUGA, VAUGHAN, BRAMPTON, OAKVILLE, MARKHAM and PICKERING, and all nearby areas. We can clean your office before Christmas, so when your employees return after the holidays they get a neat and hygienic surrounding to work.

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