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Floor cleaning

Impressions are essential in attracting new clients, as well as retaining current clientele. Similarly, orderly and clean business environments promote the concept of a significantly more productive and appealing company to collaborate with.

At Extreme Cleaning Services, we provide exceptional, professional floor cleaning services. From small offices to industrial facilities, we provide services to meet the requirements of every type of flooring material.

While the use of incorrect cleaning products for specific floors can actually damage the surface to the point of replacement becoming necessary.

Professional floor cleaning is not just for pleasant appearances. Besides that, it also assists in protecting and extending the durability of flooring. Furthermore, using appropriate cleaning techniques and products that are environmentally friendly, non-hazardous and provide a healthy environment for clients and employees.

Extreme Cleaning Service’s team members have certification in WHMIS (Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System) regulations and implement with diligence.

In some industries, professional floor cleaning and maintenance are crucial in meeting health and safety regulations for licensing.


There are many cleaning companies serving the Southern Ontario and Toronto regions. Above all, Extreme Cleaning Services stands out as one of the leading companies due to our quality of work, professionalism, consistency and also our vast experience.

Our staff is under supervision and observation to ensure training needs and superiority of dependable services. Most noteworthy, they are bonded and insured to maintain our standards of excellence.

Extreme Cleaning Services staff has the high dedication to detail familiar cleaning and organization to serve in meeting your personal preferences. We take pride in our abilities to keep your business looking outstandingly immaculate.

Our aspirations have always been geared towards providing personalized service, going far beyond the standard janitorial services. The design of Extreme Cleaning Service’s scheduling flexibility is to become comfortable to your individual business cleaning requirements and can adjust to changes you may need based on variable situations.

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