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Un-explored Office Cleaning Services That’s Essential For Your Business

Office cleaning is difficult and perspiring when it considered theoretically. But when it is seen practically, it is an uncomplicated task maneuvered efficiently by skilled professionals who have a well-informed firsthand knowledge about the essence of office cleaning. You can hire reliable office cleaning specialists who will take care of the mess and apply the most appropriate cleaning remedies.

However, hiring a professional office cleaning company seems like a basic process, but in reality, there are various layers that should be considered. There are many types of cleaning services available by the commercial cleaners that might suit you best depending on your individual preferences.

Let’s have a look at a few cleaning services you probably haven’t heard of, yet probably you need.

1. Whole-Office Building Cleaning

It may sound you like exactly the office cleaning services you were looking for, but not every company maintains the level of cleaning as Extreme Cleaning does. For instance, Extreme Cleaning Uses the next level of communication and feedback with their entire cleaning staff to ensure the highest quality cleaning possible.  

Every staff member reports their work as they complete it and we take serious feedback regarding their performance. By doing this, Extreme Cleaning ensures that they only have the best, most diligent workers on their team.

2. Green Carpet Cleaning

Usually, commercial carpet cleaning needs lots of water, so make sure you find a company that promises to make the process as green as possible. We can use this latest technology to reduce the amount of power and water used during the process. The carpet cleaning is still as through and as in-depth as ever, leaving your carpets smelling fresh as the day they got installed.

3. Hard Floor Surface Care

Hard floors need the attention of commercial janitor services because while they might seem easy to clean, only a professional cleaning company can hope to get the job done right. Professionals are equipped with the tools to clean any hard floor. Moreover, they can also handle general maintenance and deep cleaning on your hard floors, covering all of your office cleaning needs.  

4. ECO-Friendly Office Cleaning

It takes more than environmental friendly cleaning solutions to ensure the safety of the office area when janitorial cleaning jobs are been done. Environmentally conscious company Extreme Cleaning knows this and also uses ECO-friendly equipment like microfiber mops and clothes to stay safe.

Trying to Search Cleaning Services Near Me?

If you’re looking for the highest-quality office cleaning services in Toronto, you can go with Extreme Cleaning Services. We offer a wide range of commercial cleaning services which are usually not offered by other cleaning companies. We assure you that our professionals take extra care to protect your office environment. In commercial cleaning, we have our head and shoulders above the competition in every way. Call us today at (647) 772-7962 for queries and bookings.

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Leave The Best Business Impression With Our Commercial Cleaning Services (1)

Leave The Best Impression With Our Commercial Cleaning Services

When it comes to commercial cleaning it is usually not considered important. Employees usually do dusting on regular basis before starting their daily task. Approximately 45 hours are spent in the office each week. Everyone has various type of roles in which they are most productive, but a dirty office can definitely be an affecting factor.

Hiring a professional office cleaning service could be one of the best decision. The following benefits come with doing so.  

Peace of mind at Office

If you outsource the commercial cleaning work it gives peace of mind to everyone in the office.  Usually, what happens people need to leave the daily task and perform the cleaning task. Having a contract routine commercial cleaning service provides a clean and healthy place to for the employees, additionally, it increases productivity.  

Great For Saving Time and Money

Outsourced commercial cleaning can add up to a significant amount of time taken out of regular employees schedule. Outsourcing cleaning works let the office staff concentrate more on their ongoing projects. This will help to work more skillfully with better productivity. The saved time adds up to more money saved. Additionally, no requirement of hiring a person especially for cleaning because professionals can take care of it.  

Effective First Impressions

Lastly, a clean commercial area means a great impression on the visitor. You need to make a systematic and warm place to feel everyone invited to your place. Subconscious or noticeable, a clean and hygienic surrounding feel great and hospitable. Moreover, it leaves a great business impression.

Call Extreme cleaning Services if you are looking for a professional who can fulfill your commercial cleaning needs. Extreme Cleaning provides the best commercial cleaning services. With years of experience in it, we can deliver excellence.

When people are looking for commercial cleaning companies in Mississauga, Extreme Cleaning Service is the one on whom you can totally rely on. Our Commercial Cleaning Services is locally recommended by experts as well as local people. To make your bookings call us or fill up our online inquiry form.

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Confused About Hiring Industrial Cleaning Services Near Me_ Here Is Your Answer!

Confused About Hiring Industrial Cleaning Services Near Me?

It is very important to hire a cleaning service provider while managing your business, industry or warehouse. This is the best way to increase the productivity of your commercial space while decreasing the downtime for maintenance. Also, it improves the lifespan of your costly machines and equipment. Choosing the best industrial cleaning services near me covers proven methods to clean and maintain your overall industrial space. The most famous industrial cleaning processes involve chemical cleaning, CO2 blasting, hydro blasting and sandblasting.

With so many professionals providing industrial cleaning services, it is obvious to get confused. To clear your confusion, we have discovered the advantages of hiring industrial cleaning services.

Benefits of Hiring Industrial Cleaning Services Near Me

  • Decreases health issues and provides a healthy work environment

Without proper maintenance and regular cleaning, it is impossible to keep your industrial space as good as it was before. This can lead to the occurrence of health diseases and lower productivity rate. Hiring an industrial cleaning services helps you to improve work environment while eliminating dirt and allergens. As a result, it decreases the health issues by providing a healthy working environment.

  • Keeps your industrial equipment in the good working condition

Regular cleaning of your industrial equipment removes the dirt, mold and other contaminants, making it a safer place to work. Also, it covers the cleaning of industrial machinery and equipment, keeping it in a good working condition. This increases the efficiency of the machinery and works for a longer period of time.

  • Increases your profit margin

There are many individuals who ignore the importance of hiring industrial cleaning services near me. They assume that this cleaning task will be completed by the employees. But the fact is that perfect industrial cleaning takes years of experience and expertise. It not only decreases the health issues but also increases the worker productivity. And more productivity means better profit margin.

Contact The Best Industrial Cleaning Expert For Clean and Safe Industrial Environment

If you are looking for an industrial cleaning facility, then Extreme Cleaning Services is the ultimate choice. Over the years, we are providing the best industrial cleaning services near me according to your expectations.

To discuss your queries or for more information about our services, contact us at (647) 772-7962.


Outsourcing is The Best Way For Commercial Cleaning

Very soon everyone is going to celebrate Christmas Eve. One of the most awaited festivals in the year. On this day People celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. Friends and relatives come to visit each other places to wish and celebrate. Employees organize a Christmas party at the office before the Christmas holidays start. Party means the more possibility of stains and spills, right? Other than this there are many areas where many harmful germs and bacteria’s are present. So, having a commercial cleaning services is a must for deep cleaning your office.  

Because these germs and bacteria can make the employee sick and can affect productivity. Many of the diseases are contagious, which easily catches the other employee in the office and the chain goes on. These usually happen when the device or object is not operated s single-handedly such as a landline or cordless phones, keyboards and so on.

So, it is vital to have a regular office cleaning. Therefore, while employees enjoying their holidays. Make sure you provide a deep clean to your office. It is good to give a personal attention towards the cleaning (DIY) but when it comes to professional commercial cleaning no one can reach their level of cleaning. When considering how to make sure your office stays safe, clean and hygienic to work in. it is worth considering the pros and cons of retaining a professional commercial cleaning service. Here is a comparison between cleaning the office yourself or hiring a cleaner directly.    


Self-cleaning is a technique which is usually done by small businesses and especially the business startups. This is a perfectly acceptable solution for many. Although, there are snags to this solutions. Purchasing cleaning consumables at full retail prices becomes expensive over time, and office cleaning may be neglected during especially busy times or during holiday periods. Moreover, some cleaning products and tools have a risk at some points. So, it makes look like the most economical solution. Once you add the cleaning factor in your employees’ hourly rates, the potential risk and liabilities and irregularity of service, self-cleaning really isn’t the budget-friendly option it might first appear to be.   

Benefits of Outsourcing The Cleaning Tasks

There are many benefits of hiring a professional cleaning service. Industry analysts at the International Facility Management Association figure outs that the in-house cleaning services cost up to 20-25% more than contract outsourced cleaning firm. A contract based cleaning firm will alter its cleaning services according to your requirements to provide you with the best cleaning and hygienic areas for employees. Outsourcing eliminates the hassles of interviewing and appointing cleaning staff, creating and monitoring the cleaning schedules and asking your staff to have a quality check.

To encapsulate, outsourcing your cleaning jobs means you are giving an agreement. In addition, this is not only precisely define what your contract cleaning company will deliver but also shows how well it understands the needs of your business. The best thing is that you don’t need to Google for commercial cleaning services. Hence, it is a one-time investment until the contract gets over.  

If you need a commercial cleaning, then contact Extremer Cleaning Services who provide commercial/office cleaning in TORONTO, MISSISSAUGA, VAUGHAN, BRAMPTON, OAKVILLE, MARKHAM and PICKERING, and all nearby areas. We can clean your office before Christmas, so when your employees return after the holidays they get a neat and hygienic surrounding to work.

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Important Tips For Carpet Cleaning by The Experts

How Professionals Perform Commercial Cleaning Task!!

If you want to run a successful business then your business space needs to be perfect and crystal clear. So as a business owner you may have two options for cleaning.  From which one is to clean your office by yourself and the second one is to hire professional commercial cleaners for deep cleaning your office. Once you hire them you will able to know how professionals perform commercial cleaning task.

But, the most recommended way is to hire a professional commercial cleaner and make yourself free from office cleaning and get the desired result. The thing is, you cannot hire any random commercial cleaning company, right? There are some various things which you need to look out in any commercial cleaning company. For example,  experience in this field and good user experience stories.

Choosing a commercial cleaning company is an important decision which you are going to take for your business and which can affect your business growth. So, the company which you are going to choose should have all of these characteristics.

So, what are the major benefits of hiring a commercial cleaning company?

One of the most important requirements is that your business should have to look and smell good. Companies who offer a professional commercial cleaning will able to clean any room or item. They offer guaranteed stains and odor removal. They perform so many important tasks such as dusting all of the furniture, vacuum all the carpet floor, periodic cleaning of curtains, cleaning the hard surface flooring and so many things which we can’t perform with perfection by own.

Besides that, they also can perform another tough task like window cleaning and air duct cleaning with impressive cleaning results.

So, we hope above-mentioned reasons for having professional Commercial Cleaning is enough to let you understand why do we need to hire a commercial cleaning company.

Now, what are you waiting for? Contact Extreme Cleaning Service to have best Commercial Cleaning company across Mississauga and nearby areas.

Benefits of School Cleaning by Extreme Cleaning Services

Benefits of School Cleaning by Extreme Cleaning Services

Having a clean and hygienic school stands at the top of the priority list. Maintaining a clean learning environment is not only healthier but also reduces distraction and provides a good atmosphere to learn. Schools can be breeding ground for bacteria and germs due to the regular visit of staff, students, parents, and guest. But with the help of regular cleaning and decluttering, the risk of infection can easily get avoided. There are many Benefits of School Cleaning which are as mentioned below.

If you are considering hiring a commercial cleaning company like Extreme Cleaning Services, then take a look at some of the benefits given below:

Years of Experience Counts

Professional cleaning companies have seen it all before so they have hands on. They know how much time and what type of product to be used in specific areas, and are the most efficient cleaning as a result. Their experience also means that they know how to deal with specific problem areas. Most of the people clean and disinfect a surface, for instance, but often forget to do the same to door frames, the undersides of the surface, or other areas that are easily missed.

Dedicating time and energy to clean is vital, but it is time that you could spend on developing the curriculum or scheduling activities, for instance. With the help of Extreme Cleaning Services a commercial cleaning company, you will be ensuring the best commercial area cleaning outcomes which is major benefits of school cleaning by professionals like Extreme Cleaning Services.

Good Value

Hiring a commercial cleaning company may seem to be a huge initial outlay, but all in all, it is likely to be very great value. It will not cost effective to spend money every month on cleaning products. Which only to end up wasting some time and money, or making mistake in selecting appropriate products. Commercial cleaning companies can recommend product, service and cleaning packages, taking the hassle out of cleaning large areas. Select a reputed commercial cleaning company like Extreme Cleaning Services. Hiring us will ensure a satisfactory outcome due to our years of experience and professional cleaners.  All in all, you can save your time and money and can deliver a hygienic place to students for learning.

Extreme Cleaning Services, renowned as a professional industrial cleaning service provider in Mississauga and nearby areas. We deliver many other services, to know more visit our website to know more about our services. We prefer environmentally friendly products to promote a healthy and clean living for your family and furry friend.

Keep Clean & Stay Healthy.

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Benefits of Hiring a Commercial Cleaning Company

Benefits of Hiring a Commercial Cleaning Company

The first step to a successful business is to have a clean and healthy environment. Even Though they have workers to carry out the cleaning process, the task just is done to keep the surrounding clean. Commercial cleaning service is the ideal option to keep the building walls, carpets, tiles, and floor to keep it thoroughly clean. The benefits of hiring a commercial cleaning company are endless. Outsourcing the cleaning task to a reputed company will make sure your building is clean and maintained to perfection and you can focus on your business goal.

However, there are several business owners who have a perception of hiring a commercial cleaning service is a total waste of money. Here are some major Benefits of hiring a commercial cleaning company which will let you know that hiring the professional is vital.

Saves Lots of Time:

Once you hire the professional, you are no need to invest time in inspecting the cleaning task. The professionals know their work and normally carry out the cleaning work after office hours. This avoids disturbance in the work of the employees and allows them to deliver perfection.

Healthy Surroundings:

The professional of commercial cleaning is very well aware of the cleaning processes and it will be useful to clean different rooms, floors, and carpets. To prevent infection, they sanitize the area. Hence, they develop healthy surroundings for the employees to work which enhance the efficiency of the employees.

Professional commercial cleaners provide a wide range of cleaning services and you can choose them according to your requirements. With such professionals, you no need to hire different service providers for a different task. In addition, the professionals can clean your walls, dark stains, spots on tiles, outer areas and many more. You just need to contact a reputed service provider.

Affordable Packages

The most important thing about the professionals is that they provide services in packages which are at affordable rates. These packages cover most of the cleaning services and you can also include or exclude service according to your requirement.

Furthermore, if you are looking for commercial cleaning, then you should go with Extreme Cleaning Services. We are renowned as a professional office cleaning services in Toronto. We provide commercial cleaning services in Toronto and nearby areas.

Extreme Cleaning Services choose the best cleaning method according to requirement. We also use environment-friendly products to promote healthy and clean commercial areas.

Stay Clean & Healthy

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Grow Your Business with Professional Commercial Cleaning

Grow Your Business with Professional Commercial Cleaner

Hiring the ideal candidate for a deserving position at the office is critical to the success of a company and to Grow Your Business too. Similarly, keeping the office premises sparkling clean from floor to roof requires a certified Corporate Office Cleaning Services provider. To maintain good productivity in the business, hiring professionals for regular maintenance of the premises is important. Now, let us understand the top reasons for using Professional Commercial Cleaning.

Most people don’t like to clean by their own self, but that’s only part of the reason people hire professional cleaning services which help to grow your business. If you don’t have a cleaning service utilized at your office it’s easy to underestimate its benefits.

So, let’s see the top 4 reasons for using Professional Commercial Cleaning.

Making a Good Impression

It is obvious people or clients will notice if the premises are dirty. It leaves a bad impression on the visitors. In fact, it makes a terrible impression on the potential clients who walk into the office. So always make sure you have a spotless office premise. People will have peace of mind knowing that your office is always spotless by having a clean service take over the dirty work.

Live Healthily

Do you feel a bug is constantly going around the office? Are your employees feeling sick very often? Tight quarters of your office can be breeding ground for viruses. One affected employee can create a chain that will definitely affect the productivity.  All in all, healthy employees will be more efficient and a professional cleaning service like Extreme Cleaning Services can help keep in keeping sickness down to a minimum.

Save Time Using Professional Commercial Cleaning

Cleaning isn’t only a tiresome task, it’s time-consuming also. Even if you are performing a small cleaning task but it can turn up to an overtime, cutting down your valuable workday. You probably aren’t paying your employees to waste time on cleaning the office. You can save your time by outsourcing the cleaning task.

Get the job done perfectly

 Professional Commercial Cleaning experts will have the proper tools and equipment’s to deal with the stain efficiently. If you go for DIY you might end up hurting yourself or damaging any assets because you don’t know the ins and outs of the task. Further, if you want a good outcome, leave it to professionals.

Therefore, if you want to make an awesome impression towards your clients go and hire the best Office Cleaning Company to take care of it well.

Extreme Cleaning Services is a professional office cleaning company. We seek to maintain all of our clients with beautiful, perfectly clean, smudge-free interiors. This ensures that we always help you to attract more business. We are much renowned as professional office cleaning services in Toronto and nearby areas. Further, you can find us on Facebook.

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Commercial Cleaning Services By Extreme Cleaning Services

Commercial Cleaning Services By Extreme Cleaning Services

There are multiple reasons why office needs to get clean. Office staff need and deserve to work in a clean and fresh environment, and an office cleanliness reflects a lot about a business. One way for business owners to focus more on their business is to turn the cleaning duties over to professional commercial cleaning services. There are so many benefits of having someone else responsible for cleanliness of your office.

Professional cleaning companies are expert in properly dusting, cleaning and sanitizing.

There is much more to keep an office clean than simply making sure that everything is orderly.

When business owners assign cleaning duties to office staff, morale can sink. Office workers do not want to clean the bathroom, empty the trash, dust, etc. Allow your workers to do what they do the best and leave cleaning to the professionals.

Professional commercial cleaning companies can ensure to keep certain product on hand like paper towel in the restroom as well as toilet paper. Business owners can easily overlook things like this given their other responsibilities. Office workers, clients, customers deserves to have everything they need in the restroom.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning:

Extreme Cleaning Services use top quality equipment to carry out best commercial carpet cleaning service. In cleaning the carpet. We not only remove the dirt but also provide satisfying services to the client and they are often surprise by the result we achieve.

In addition to carpet cleaning, we are also able to clean other floor coverings such as hard floors and safety flooring and tiles.

Commercial High Reach Window Cleaning

Window cleaning is a vital part of property maintenance from standard clean to high reach. These cleaning services require specially trained people with specific equipments in order to have safety. With knowledge, experience and network of qualified contractor, extreme cleaning provides best services to the customers.

Car Showroom Cleaning

We know your car dealership need to look shiny and polish as your customer service to grow your business. We therefore strive to exceed the expectations of our clients by employing professional cleaning staff and sourcing high quality cleaning product. At Extreme Cleaning Services, we ensure you have a car showroom on which you will be proud of.

Extreme Cleaning Service provides following commercial cleaning services with high priority of customer satisfaction.

  • Clean and Sanitize process.
  • Dust, Wash and Polish surface.
  • Environmentally friendly product.
  • Removal of dirt and garbage.
  • Sanitizing of Restroom, Cafeteria and Showroom.
  • Stripping and Waxing of the floor, steaming carpets.
  • Floor, Carpet, Wall and Window cleaning.
  • Restore the business to new and clean look.

Are you in need of commercial cleaning, then you should go with Extreme Cleaning Services. We are much renowned as professional commercial cleaning services in Toronto and nearby areas.

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