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Reasons You Should Hire Commercial Cleaning Services

Cleaning services are not just for home, it is equally for commercial buildings. It helps to enhance the overall office environment and boost your employee productivity. However, cleaning an office environment takes time and effort too. Here, hiring commercial cleaning services helps you to fulfill all your office cleaning needs.

Why To Hire Office Cleaners?

Whether you have a startup company or a leading company, having a clean and safe working environment should be on the top priority. Through regular cleaning including dusting, vacuuming and mopping you can keep up with regular cleaning tasks.

Choosing a professional office cleaner helps you to maintain the cleanliness in your commercial space. They eliminate all the dust particles and other contaminants accumulated around the office providing the cleaner workspace for your employees. As a result, the safe and clean environment in your office will boost up the productivity. 

Other Important Reasons To Hire Commercial Cleaning Services

  • There are various commercial companies trying to keep their office environment clean by assigning a task to their employees. As a result, it will take away the motivation and focus of employees from work and which lead to incomplete jobs. Hence, it is better to leave the cleaning responsibility to professionals.
  • Professional commercial cleaning service provider comes to your office work and accomplishes all your cleaning requirements after the employees leave for the day. As a result, your focus on their work, increasing the productivity of your company.
  • Hiring commercial cleaning services also helps you enhance the professional image of the company. This will eventually make a first good impression on potential customers. Whether you want a safe or comfortable working environment in your office, ensure you have a sparkling clean office.
  • Office cleaners provide a professional approach towards cleaning your office, offering a clean and professional looking space. Overall, it helps you attract new customers.

Confused Which Commercial Cleaning Company Is Best To Hire?

It is natural that confusion arises whenever you look for an expert office cleaner in your area. This is because there are so many companies offering commercial cleaning services at a reasonable price. But, when you get in touch with Extreme Cleaning Services you will feel the difference in your office environment. We use the best cleaning equipment and products to get rid of all stains and dust pollutants from your commercial space. Need more details about our commercial cleaning service? Call us at 647-772-7962!

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Carpet Cleaning Method

Reveal The Best Carpet Cleaning Method For Allergies

If you are among the one struggling with allergies, then you know it is perilous to be a part of your regular carpet cleaning schedule. Carpets are the important elements of your property susceptible to dirt, pollen, dust, and other pollutants. Therefore, cleaning them help you reduce allergy symptoms. In this blog, we have to reveal the best carpet cleaning method for allergies.

From so many cleaning products available in the market, it becomes important to choose the eco-friendly products. This can help you reduce irritant allergy symptoms. Here we have mentioned carpet cleaning methods to help decrease the issues related to allergies.

Tip: Use non-toxic i.e. chemical-free cleaning solutions to prevent the problems of allergies. Also, you can use baking soda and vinegar for cleaning up your carpet stains as they are non-toxic.

Vacuum Cleaning

Ensure that you vacuum your carpets using a double bag or HEPA filter. Also, you can sprinkle baking soda on your carpet and let it rest for 15 to 20 minutes and then vacuum it up. As a result, all the odor and small dust particles draw out from your carpet.

Steam Cleaning

To deep clean your carpet, steam cleaning is the best solution. It uses hot water steam to destroy the allergens and bacteria from your carpet. Are you aware that the mold grows within 12 hours? You can hire the professionals if you want to clean your carpet, eliminating all the harmful pollutants that cause harm to your health.

Spot Cleaning

Before jumping into an affected area, experts recommend examining it first to get rid of pet urine, spilled drinks and other stains. Use vinegar to a spoiled area that needs to be clean. Sprinkle a little of baking soda over the area having vinegar. As a result, the bubble will form on the floor and help you eliminate the stains. After a few minutes, wipe up the stains and until it is clean and then vacuum to remove any leftover.

The Bottom Line

Above mentioned the best carpet cleaning method for allergies can help you provide a healthy and cleaned carpet. For a more thorough cleaning result, to take the help of professionals is essential. From so many experts providing carpet cleaning service it becomes difficult to choose the best one.

Confused to hire the best carpet cleaning company?  We, at Extreme Cleaning Services, helps you to deep clean your carpet using the eco-friendly cleaning solutions to prevent all your allergies issues. To know how we can provide the best cleaning result using the best cleaning methods, call us at 647-772-7962.

Hiring a Carpet Cleaning Company

5 Questions To Be Asked While Hiring a Carpet Cleaning Company

Carpeting is one of the most popular and important type of flooring in homes and business across the country, notwithstanding the fact that it needs a precise type of maintenance routine to keep it looking at its best. Elegant (delicate) fabrics and materials require professional cleaning at specific interval of time, which means you will need to approach a qualified carpet cleaning service to complete the task.

Below, we have mentioned the top five questions you need to consider when hiring a carpet cleaning company:

Less is NOT necessarily more

It is obvious to look for the most affordable option when selecting any sort of cleaning service.

Still attractive savings a few dollar might seem, going for the least expensive option for your carpet maintenance might actually do more damage than good.

Companies that provide heavy discounted rates often use poor quality cleaning products that permanently damage carpets but enables them to charge less. Additionally, these companies might use these lower rates as a means to get themselves through your door. Once on the premises, they will look for other maintenance issues your house requires and encourages you to hire them to do the job.

Price may play an important role in your decision-making, but you should treat it as a secondary consideration.

Know about the process

No two cleaning services are alike, and that means that you will want to know how each company that you have shortlisted for the job goes about their business. Some of them might use gentle detergents, while others might use stronger products, whereas the gentle are safer for your carpets and for the environment too.

In the same way, companies will vary in terms of the amount of drying time that is required after the process is complete, a detail that might just make you choose one company over another. Knowing the exact process of each cleaning service will influence who you choose to hire and why.

Do a proper analysis

This tip is very simple: do your research. This includes everything from talking to friends and family, reviews on websites and asking for recommendation on social media. One of the best service you get find through word of mouth, so do a proper research and leverage your network for trustworthy recommendations.

Ask for extra services

Ask as many questions you can ask before hiring a carpet cleaning company. You want to know exactly what you are getting with no hidden surprises.

So what their fees is?  They charge for extra service? Will they move furniture if required? What types of products you will use? What is the drying time?

Inform yourself of all of the above before you end up paying for more than what you signed up for.

Go for local cleaner if possible

A local carpet cleaning company with an entrusted in your community will likely to be a good choice for many reasons. Local companies provide service for local residents. It is in their best interest to offer a high quality service at affordable costs to ensure customer retention.

Even local companies are convenient to employ, as you cannot count on them to be on time and be readily available whenever you need to get your carpets cleaned.

If you are looking for commercial carpet cleaning, then you should go with Extreme Cleaning Services. We are renowned as a professional carpet cleaning services in Toronto. We provide many more commercial cleaning services in Toronto and nearby areas.

Extreme Cleaning Services choose the cleaning method according to you carpets fabric. We use environment friendly products to promote healthy and clean commercial areas.

Stay Clean & Healthy

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How to Eliminate Coffee Spills from carpet by exstreme cleaning

How to Eliminate Coffee Spills

If you are an Americano type of person. It is possible you are a cortado addicted. It doesn’t matter whatever your fuel of choice. Coffee can quickly become your least favorable drink once it spills on your carpet. Coffee stains are not only the unsightly one, but the smell that lingers around can also be unpleasant for days and days. So, you must be thinking that How to Eliminate Coffee Spills, Right? Don’t worry when experts are here, just go through this blog and you will get all the answers.

If you’ve just got a bullseye with a cafe macchiato, you have most probably found this on Google “Tips to get coffee stains out of carpet” and luckily you landed on the right page. Now just relax and take a deep breath. Coffee stains can easily be removed, and Extreme Cleaning Services has all the answers right here.

This blog might be geared towards workplace coffee spills, but the advice will work on every type of carpet. Grab your stain remover and get ready as we explain how to remove coffee stains out of the office carpet before your boss comes to know about it.

Blot the excess

Initially, start with blotting as much as possible using the liquid as much as you can and as fast as possible. The maximum coffee you absorb from the carpet through blotting, the less there will be to penetrate into the carpet. Kitchen towel is the best option for blotting up coffee, using an absorbent tea towel will also do a great job. The most important thing is you only need to blot, don’t rub or scrub. This will rub the coffee deeper into the carpet.

Treat the area

Now deal with the left-out stain. There are lots of different formulas and option you might want to try. A supermarket purchased stain remover is a good option, but if you don’t have any idea to choose the best. Then, here are some effective DIY you can use it. One tablespoon of washing up liquid, mixed with a tablespoon of white wine vinegar and around 500ml of water is a great option if you’re in a pinch.

Or else follow the instruction on your carpet treatment. Further you can apply a little of your DIY mixture using a clean cloth, dabbing it onto the stain a little at a time. Blot the stain with a clean, dry towel regularly as you go.

If the stain is tough to deal, you should consider applying a paste of baking powder mixing with water, and leave it to dry, after some time vacuum it up.

Clean & leave it to dry

Lastly, blot the affected area with plain cold water to deal with and vinegar smell is felt or to eliminate the few traces of products from your carpet. Once done with cleaning, gently dab the area and dry with a clean towel.

So did you get the satisfying answer of how to eliminate coffee spills? If your answer is yes but still not able to get the required result then Call Extreme Cleaning Services to book your appointment. We deliver Carpet Cleaning Services in Mississauga and nearby areas. Call on 647-772-7962

Benefits Of Having Professional Carpet Cleaning

Benefits Of Having Professional Carpet Cleaning

Carpets are most probably installed in all offices. They enhance the appearance of the office. Also keeping carpets neat and clean can do wonders for your business. The major benefits of having professional carpet cleaning is, it can improve and maintain the overall look of the entire workplace. 

But companies do not understand the importance of professional carpet cleaning. Dirty carpets can have big impacts on your business. It also affects the health of your employees.  

Here are some benefits of having professional carpet cleaning Services.

Healthier Environment 

Carpets act as dust filters. Some of the dust and allergens can get trapped in the carpet fibers. Later, these allergens flow into the air where they can cause respiratory problems, allergic reactions, and other health problems. The high temperature of the water used by professional carpet cleaning kills off these allergens. As a result, they are no longer a health threat and leaves the surface of the carpet fully sanitized. 

Increased Productivity 

A dirty office with soiled carpets is an uncomfortable work area which can also cause health issues for the employees. It is more encouraging for employees to work in a neat and clean environment. They work harder when they know their workplace is cared for. Hiring a professional carpet cleaner to keep rugs and carpets clean shows employees that the business owner takes pride in the workplace environment. 

Better Impression 

When clients, employees, and other visitors come to your office, the condition of the office contributes to the impression that these visitors will have for your company. Keeping your carpet clean and maintained with professional carpet cleaning services will not only improve the look of your carpet, but also the appearance of the office as a whole which will help to make a better impression on your employees, clients, and visitors.  

Improved Airflow 

Dirty carpeting can disrupt the airflow in your office. As the carpet gets accumulated with dust, dirt, and debris, the airflow will become compromised. The office area is more like to become unpleasant and stuffy when the carpet is clogged with dirt and dust. Regular vacuuming simply cannot remove all of the debris, which is why you should have your carpet professionally cleaned. With clean carpets, your office will have improved airflow and air quality. 

Save Money 

It is more cost-effective to hire a professional carpet cleaner. Companies who try to purchase their own carpet cleaning equipment and chemicals will end up spending more money overall than if they had hired someone to do it. The overall cost is much higher than the fee of professional carpet cleaners. The more money is saved by hiring a professional carpet cleaner. This savings over time can be passed on to customers in the form of discounts. 

Professional Carpet Cleaning is the Best Option 

Varying with the size of the office, a business owner may clean the carpet by renting equipment. However, rented carpet cleaning machines are not effective always. Also, it can leave a foul smell and bad odors on the carpets. 

Professional carpet cleaning by Extreme Cleaning Services, uses best in industrial equipment and eco-friendly cleaning products that are much more effective than rented carpet cleaning machines and the carpet will stay cleaner for much longer. 

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