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Commercial window cleaning

3 Things To Know About: Commercial Window Cleaning

Are the windows of your building is clean? Until you are confident to reply “spotlessly clean,” it is significant to schedule a commercial window cleaning service. Window cleaning is very important for residential areas as well as commercial areas. Let’s talk about commercial window cleaning as commercial windows impacts on the business. Having your windows professionally maintained is vital for any business to leave a great impression towards your clients and guests. So, here are 3 Things To Know About: Commercial Window Cleaning.

Whether you work in a small building with only a few floors, your windows or in a 30 storied skyscraper, your window is a reflection of the level of business you do or it is a message to your client that what they will find inside. We hope you’ll choose us for your expert window cleaning service in Toronto. Known for understanding and the best service and the most important is a dedication to the toughest standard, we’re a team who will get your windows looking their best condition.

If considering us, here are 3 things to know about commercial window cleaning.     

Clean Windows Are Vital

Sparkling and clean windows plays a significant role in the success of your business. Having clean windows is vital. Not only for the basic hygienic reasons but for the impression that clean window deliver. If you manage a house business or a tall gleaming skyscraper, clients and potential clients have high bar expectations of the quality and reputations of your business. But what if those expectations get spoiled just because of the dust and dirt on the window. These give an impression of a lethargy and a lackluster organization. Even the huge and best industries round are worried about their look. Window cleaning is a must for every commercial building.     

Best window cleaners can reach virtually everywhere

If you own a stylish, tall and a unique shaped building, scrubbing of windows is really a challenging task. That’s the reason top commercial window cleaning companies have an abseiler, who can easily access the topmost corner of the glass of your building. Extreme Cleaning Services abseilers use safety lines, harnesses and anchor points. Our window cleaners are experts in working safely at heights, as well as trained window maintenance professionals. Extreme Cleaning Service professionals are specially trained under experts. That’s the reason our cleaners can polish each corner of your glass building.

Commercial window cleaning is not a quick job

When you are planning to book a window cleaning service for your commercial area, it is important to realize that this can be a kind of exhaustive task, depending upon your property’s needs. Under Extreme cleaning Service experts, your building will be cleaned with precision and care, but the process will take a bit of time.

If you want a professional window cleaning service. Extreme Cleaning Service is the one, on which you can totally rely on. We provide window cleaning in Toronto and nearby areas. We can also bet that we have the best window cleaners in Toronto. Contact Extreme Cleaning Service to make your appointment. You can browse our service page to know more about our services.

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How to Eliminate Coffee Spills from carpet by exstreme cleaning

How to Eliminate Coffee Spills

If you are an Americano type of person. It is possible you are a cortado addicted. It doesn’t matter whatever your fuel of choice. Coffee can quickly become your least favorable drink once it spills on your carpet. Coffee stains are not only the unsightly one, but the smell that lingers around can also be unpleasant for days and days. So, you must be thinking that How to Eliminate Coffee Spills, Right? Don’t worry when experts are here, just go through this blog and you will get all the answers.

If you’ve just got a bullseye with a cafe macchiato, you have most probably found this on Google “Tips to get coffee stains out of carpet” and luckily you landed on the right page. Now just relax and take a deep breath. Coffee stains can easily be removed, and Extreme Cleaning Services has all the answers right here.

This blog might be geared towards workplace coffee spills, but the advice will work on every type of carpet. Grab your stain remover and get ready as we explain how to remove coffee stains out of the office carpet before your boss comes to know about it.

Blot the excess

Initially, start with blotting as much as possible using the liquid as much as you can and as fast as possible. The maximum coffee you absorb from the carpet through blotting, the less there will be to penetrate into the carpet. Kitchen towel is the best option for blotting up coffee, using an absorbent tea towel will also do a great job. The most important thing is you only need to blot, don’t rub or scrub. This will rub the coffee deeper into the carpet.

Treat the area

Now deal with the left-out stain. There are lots of different formulas and option you might want to try. A supermarket purchased stain remover is a good option, but if you don’t have any idea to choose the best. Then, here are some effective DIY you can use it. One tablespoon of washing up liquid, mixed with a tablespoon of white wine vinegar and around 500ml of water is a great option if you’re in a pinch.

Or else follow the instruction on your carpet treatment. Further you can apply a little of your DIY mixture using a clean cloth, dabbing it onto the stain a little at a time. Blot the stain with a clean, dry towel regularly as you go.

If the stain is tough to deal, you should consider applying a paste of baking powder mixing with water, and leave it to dry, after some time vacuum it up.

Clean & leave it to dry

Lastly, blot the affected area with plain cold water to deal with and vinegar smell is felt or to eliminate the few traces of products from your carpet. Once done with cleaning, gently dab the area and dry with a clean towel.

So did you get the satisfying answer of how to eliminate coffee spills? If your answer is yes but still not able to get the required result then Call Extreme Cleaning Services to book your appointment. We deliver Carpet Cleaning Services in Mississauga and nearby areas. Call on 647-772-7962

Professional floor Cleaning Tips

Professional Floor Cleaning Tips by Experts

There will be more productivity and your employees will also like to be there working if you have a nice clean office. A neat and clean office surrounding improves both focus and creativity, and one of the important locations to focus is flooring. Office flooring is one of the things which get an immediate look as someone enters the premises. If you have a great flooring, the employees and clients eyes will attract towards the flooring initially. If your office flooring is covered with a layer of dust and grime, you need to take care of that as soon as possible by following some Professional Floor Cleaning Tips.

Professional office cleaner like Extreme Cleaning Services uses special tools and methods to get floors clean quickly and efficiently.

Here we have shared some professional floor cleaning tips and methods recommended by our experts:

Utilize Floor Scrubber

Floor scrubbers are one of the best tools for tiled floor cleaning, it is good for both tile or textured. Additionally, to remove surface dirt, a floor scrubber is the only capable tool for removing stains and dirt between the tiles, along with dirt that has been compressed into the textured surface.  

Apply Wax

Waxing is one of the best and effective way to make your office floor look and shine like on the installation day. There are waxes for linoleum surface as well as for vinyl and other types of flooring. Select the right wax for the flooring in your office.   

Apply Tile and Grout Protector

Tile and grout protectors is an ideal way to protect the floor from wear and tear. This solution not only makes your floor look last longer but they also help them to keep them looking new after the cleaning as if newly installed.   

Check for Cracks

Crack in floors are not easily visible, but can still cause serious problems. Dirt can easily get accumulated in these cracks, which can make your office flooring look dull and dirty. Moreover, they can widen and eventually pose a tripping hazard for you and your workers. Scrutinizing for cracks will help you to find and solve issues before they become irreparable.   

Always Read Product Instructions

Labels on the cleaning products are always mentioned because they have some reason. Some chemicals can be acidic enough to ruin your floor. So make sure you always read the instruction given on the product. Before using and unfamiliar floor-cleaning products or consult your cleaning service provider. Make sure you consider these tips when it comes to floor cleaning. These are the best floor cleaning tips by experts of Extreme cleaning services.

If you are in search of professional floor cleaning in Greater Toronto including downtown Toronto. You are at the right place. Call us today to make your bookings we also provide many more services and floor cleaning in SCARBOROUGH, NORTH YORK, ETOBICOKE, MISSISSAUGA, VAUGHAN, BRAMPTON, OAKVILLE, MARKHAM, PICKERING.

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To know more about the importance of commercial floor cleaning visit this article.   

Benefits of Natural Window Cleaning

Benefits of Natural Window Cleaning

In any business good appearance of your office meters the most. Especially when you are at the initial stage of business everything related to your business should be perfect.  Hence, your office reflects your business and make a good impression in front of your clients or business partners. Besides that, clean window improvises your view which can help to protect your property. Dirt can damage and also reduce the attractiveness of your property. So, you need to keep everything organized in your office and show some dedication towards the commercial cleaning which ultimately helps your business to grow more. Use of natural cleaning method is more advisable to have a healthier environment. Hence, there are so many benefits of natural window cleaning.

For having the best result it’s important to choose the right product. Natural cleaning is always advisable and here we are going to provide some advice for cleaning your window naturally.

Making a natural cleaning solution is not a rocket science. You can make it using products which are easily available at home

All you need is vinegar, water and 10-15 drops of essential oil to make effective window cleaning solution. Then use a microfiber cloth to clean the glass post applying cleaning material. Now you are able to see the effectiveness of using the natural solution.

Let’s see some Benefits of Natural Window Cleaning.

Benefits of  Natural Window Cleaning Products. 

We are all well aware of the benefits of using natural products, hence the same can reduce the chances of a harmful effect on our family and it keeps room environment hygienic. We know vinegar has its own smell, but you don’t need to worry about it because same will automatically fade away with a time.

I bat, that once you start using natural cleaning solution for the window cleaning you will love it and prefer using it for always.

Cost Effective:

If you have observed then you will be able to know, that there are numbers of cleaning products available in the market which are expensive too. Further, if we have not chosen the right one then it is totally a waste of money.

So, the use of natural cleaning solutions is cost-effective because natural solutions are very cheap and also provides much better outcome post cleaning.

Safe for the Children’s

As we all know children’s get easily affected by any kind of harmful products and all the products available in the market contains harmful ingredients.

Natural cleaners are totally safe for your Childs health and let them grow in a healthy and fresh environment.

We hope all of the above-mentioned information is useful for cleaning your window naturally. If still, you are not able to do the same then call Extreme Cleaning Services who use eco-friendly cleaning products for cleaning. Call at 647-772-7962 to enjoy our best services at the very best price.

Benefits Of Having Professional Carpet Cleaning

Benefits Of Having Professional Carpet Cleaning

Carpets are most probably installed in all offices. They enhance the appearance of the office. Also keeping carpets neat and clean can do wonders for your business. The major benefits of having professional carpet cleaning is, it can improve and maintain the overall look of the entire workplace. 

But companies do not understand the importance of professional carpet cleaning. Dirty carpets can have big impacts on your business. It also affects the health of your employees.  

Here are some benefits of having professional carpet cleaning Services.

Healthier Environment 

Carpets act as dust filters. Some of the dust and allergens can get trapped in the carpet fibers. Later, these allergens flow into the air where they can cause respiratory problems, allergic reactions, and other health problems. The high temperature of the water used by professional carpet cleaning kills off these allergens. As a result, they are no longer a health threat and leaves the surface of the carpet fully sanitized. 

Increased Productivity 

A dirty office with soiled carpets is an uncomfortable work area which can also cause health issues for the employees. It is more encouraging for employees to work in a neat and clean environment. They work harder when they know their workplace is cared for. Hiring a professional carpet cleaner to keep rugs and carpets clean shows employees that the business owner takes pride in the workplace environment. 

Better Impression 

When clients, employees, and other visitors come to your office, the condition of the office contributes to the impression that these visitors will have for your company. Keeping your carpet clean and maintained with professional carpet cleaning services will not only improve the look of your carpet, but also the appearance of the office as a whole which will help to make a better impression on your employees, clients, and visitors.  

Improved Airflow 

Dirty carpeting can disrupt the airflow in your office. As the carpet gets accumulated with dust, dirt, and debris, the airflow will become compromised. The office area is more like to become unpleasant and stuffy when the carpet is clogged with dirt and dust. Regular vacuuming simply cannot remove all of the debris, which is why you should have your carpet professionally cleaned. With clean carpets, your office will have improved airflow and air quality. 

Save Money 

It is more cost-effective to hire a professional carpet cleaner. Companies who try to purchase their own carpet cleaning equipment and chemicals will end up spending more money overall than if they had hired someone to do it. The overall cost is much higher than the fee of professional carpet cleaners. The more money is saved by hiring a professional carpet cleaner. This savings over time can be passed on to customers in the form of discounts. 

Professional Carpet Cleaning is the Best Option 

Varying with the size of the office, a business owner may clean the carpet by renting equipment. However, rented carpet cleaning machines are not effective always. Also, it can leave a foul smell and bad odors on the carpets. 

Professional carpet cleaning by Extreme Cleaning Services, uses best in industrial equipment and eco-friendly cleaning products that are much more effective than rented carpet cleaning machines and the carpet will stay cleaner for much longer. 

Contact Extreme Cleaning Services,  at 647-772-7962 and book an appointment to have the best services at most affordable cost.

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Benefits of School Cleaning by Extreme Cleaning Services

Benefits of School Cleaning by Extreme Cleaning Services

Having a clean and hygienic school stands at the top of the priority list. Maintaining a clean learning environment is not only healthier but also reduces distraction and provides a good atmosphere to learn. Schools can be breeding ground for bacteria and germs due to the regular visit of staff, students, parents, and guest. But with the help of regular cleaning and decluttering, the risk of infection can easily get avoided. There are many Benefits of School Cleaning which are as mentioned below.

If you are considering hiring a commercial cleaning company like Extreme Cleaning Services, then take a look at some of the benefits given below:

Years of Experience Counts

Professional cleaning companies have seen it all before so they have hands on. They know how much time and what type of product to be used in specific areas, and are the most efficient cleaning as a result. Their experience also means that they know how to deal with specific problem areas. Most of the people clean and disinfect a surface, for instance, but often forget to do the same to door frames, the undersides of the surface, or other areas that are easily missed.

Dedicating time and energy to clean is vital, but it is time that you could spend on developing the curriculum or scheduling activities, for instance. With the help of Extreme Cleaning Services a commercial cleaning company, you will be ensuring the best commercial area cleaning outcomes which is major benefits of school cleaning by professionals like Extreme Cleaning Services.

Good Value

Hiring a commercial cleaning company may seem to be a huge initial outlay, but all in all, it is likely to be very great value. It will not cost effective to spend money every month on cleaning products. Which only to end up wasting some time and money, or making mistake in selecting appropriate products. Commercial cleaning companies can recommend product, service and cleaning packages, taking the hassle out of cleaning large areas. Select a reputed commercial cleaning company like Extreme Cleaning Services. Hiring us will ensure a satisfactory outcome due to our years of experience and professional cleaners.  All in all, you can save your time and money and can deliver a hygienic place to students for learning.

Extreme Cleaning Services, renowned as a professional industrial cleaning service provider in Mississauga and nearby areas. We deliver many other services, to know more visit our website to know more about our services. We prefer environmentally friendly products to promote a healthy and clean living for your family and furry friend.

Keep Clean & Stay Healthy.

Call us at 647-772-7962 and enjoy the best professional advice on industrial cleaning. Fill out our inquiry form. Our staff will get back to you soon.

Benefits of Hiring a Commercial Cleaning Company

Benefits of Hiring a Commercial Cleaning Company

The first step to a successful business is to have a clean and healthy environment. Even Though they have workers to carry out the cleaning process, the task just is done to keep the surrounding clean. Commercial cleaning service is the ideal option to keep the building walls, carpets, tiles, and floor to keep it thoroughly clean. The benefits of hiring a commercial cleaning company are endless. Outsourcing the cleaning task to a reputed company will make sure your building is clean and maintained to perfection and you can focus on your business goal.

However, there are several business owners who have a perception of hiring a commercial cleaning service is a total waste of money. Here are some major Benefits of hiring a commercial cleaning company which will let you know that hiring the professional is vital.

Saves Lots of Time:

Once you hire the professional, you are no need to invest time in inspecting the cleaning task. The professionals know their work and normally carry out the cleaning work after office hours. This avoids disturbance in the work of the employees and allows them to deliver perfection.

Healthy Surroundings:

The professional of commercial cleaning is very well aware of the cleaning processes and it will be useful to clean different rooms, floors, and carpets. To prevent infection, they sanitize the area. Hence, they develop healthy surroundings for the employees to work which enhance the efficiency of the employees.

Professional commercial cleaners provide a wide range of cleaning services and you can choose them according to your requirements. With such professionals, you no need to hire different service providers for a different task. In addition, the professionals can clean your walls, dark stains, spots on tiles, outer areas and many more. You just need to contact a reputed service provider.

Affordable Packages

The most important thing about the professionals is that they provide services in packages which are at affordable rates. These packages cover most of the cleaning services and you can also include or exclude service according to your requirement.

Furthermore, if you are looking for commercial cleaning, then you should go with Extreme Cleaning Services. We are renowned as a professional office cleaning services in Toronto. We provide commercial cleaning services in Toronto and nearby areas.

Extreme Cleaning Services choose the best cleaning method according to requirement. We also use environment-friendly products to promote healthy and clean commercial areas.

Stay Clean & Healthy

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Grow Your Business with Professional Commercial Cleaning

Grow Your Business with Professional Commercial Cleaner

Hiring the ideal candidate for a deserving position at the office is critical to the success of a company and to Grow Your Business too. Similarly, keeping the office premises sparkling clean from floor to roof requires a certified Corporate Office Cleaning Services provider. To maintain good productivity in the business, hiring professionals for regular maintenance of the premises is important. Now, let us understand the top reasons for using Professional Commercial Cleaning.

Most people don’t like to clean by their own self, but that’s only part of the reason people hire professional cleaning services which help to grow your business. If you don’t have a cleaning service utilized at your office it’s easy to underestimate its benefits.

So, let’s see the top 4 reasons for using Professional Commercial Cleaning.

Making a Good Impression

It is obvious people or clients will notice if the premises are dirty. It leaves a bad impression on the visitors. In fact, it makes a terrible impression on the potential clients who walk into the office. So always make sure you have a spotless office premise. People will have peace of mind knowing that your office is always spotless by having a clean service take over the dirty work.

Live Healthily

Do you feel a bug is constantly going around the office? Are your employees feeling sick very often? Tight quarters of your office can be breeding ground for viruses. One affected employee can create a chain that will definitely affect the productivity.  All in all, healthy employees will be more efficient and a professional cleaning service like Extreme Cleaning Services can help keep in keeping sickness down to a minimum.

Save Time Using Professional Commercial Cleaning

Cleaning isn’t only a tiresome task, it’s time-consuming also. Even if you are performing a small cleaning task but it can turn up to an overtime, cutting down your valuable workday. You probably aren’t paying your employees to waste time on cleaning the office. You can save your time by outsourcing the cleaning task.

Get the job done perfectly

 Professional Commercial Cleaning experts will have the proper tools and equipment’s to deal with the stain efficiently. If you go for DIY you might end up hurting yourself or damaging any assets because you don’t know the ins and outs of the task. Further, if you want a good outcome, leave it to professionals.

Therefore, if you want to make an awesome impression towards your clients go and hire the best Office Cleaning Company to take care of it well.

Extreme Cleaning Services is a professional office cleaning company. We seek to maintain all of our clients with beautiful, perfectly clean, smudge-free interiors. This ensures that we always help you to attract more business. We are much renowned as professional office cleaning services in Toronto and nearby areas. Further, you can find us on Facebook.

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Industrial Cleaning is Vital

Why Industrial Cleaning is Vital?

As the owner of a commercial or industrial property, you must be aware of the importance of production increase by the workers and reduce the downtime caused by maintenance and repairs. But ignoring these things can highly affect the cleanliness of your property. Keeping your industrial property clean is very important to take your business to new heights.  

At Extreme Cleaning Services, our cleaning professionals can deliver you with high-quality commercial and industrial cleaning services that you can always rely on. We know how important is to keep your property clean, so we always give our full dedication and provide more satisfactory results.

Furthermore, let’s see some reasons that industrial cleaning is important to your business:

Increases Productivity

Having a clean and healthy work environment will increase the productivity. The worker will stay healthy and fit due to a cleaner environment. Daily cleaning and decontamination will remove dangerous chemical buildups, mold, pollutants, and many others which have an adverse effect on employee’s health.

Maintaining cleanliness in your industry is a great way to keep your employees as productive as possible, and also you can depend on our professionals for a thorough cleaning.  

Industrial Cleaning Minimize the Need for Maintenance and Repairs

Your industrial property is all about heavy machinery and equipment that is used on daily basis. Therefore, keeping your industry tools and equipment clean will help to keep them in good condition. Similarly, you also can save on the maintenance they require.

Our Industrial Cleaning Services Are Comprehensive and Thorough

Probably, your industrial property has many areas that can be contaminated. Extreme Cleaning’s industrial cleaning services will cover every part of your property. Extreme Cleaning services also include:

  • Exhaust cleaning
  • High-pressure cleaning
  • Heat exchanger and tube cleaning
  • Vessel and tank cleaning
  • Dust collector cleaning
  • Duct cleaning
  • And many more

If you’re looking for best commercial or industrial cleaning services in Toronto, then call Extreme Cleaning Services at 647-772-7962 or fill out our online request form.

Benefits of Commercial Window Cleaning

Benefits of Commercial Window Cleaning

In the commercial world, we all notice all the large things and ignore small one isn’t it right?

Similarly, we consider many items for maintenance such as carpet cleaning, roof inspections, air conditioning maintenance, and the list goes on and on.

Furthermore, one item, which you need to add in your checklist, is regular Commercial Window Cleaning. The appearance of a business is crucial to its success. The way a business presents itself to customers and clients implies how that business will treat them in the future.

You may think that window washing is not an important issue, but trust me! It really matters.

Commercial Window Cleaning not only gives your office a crystal clear window facility but also help to keep dust, spider, debris and fallout from bird impact with your windows at a minimum.

However, regular window cleaning can also help with the damage that can occur to your windows.

Here are the benefits of commercial window:

Make Strong Impression:

As mentioned above, the appearance of your business location will make a strong impression on your clients.

The first thing they notice is what the exterior of your building looks like. If there are windows outside you need to make sure it is shiny and crystal clean.

Will Increase Life of Window:

We all know that the windows are not cheap. If you want to save some money and increase the life of your windows, they need to be cleaned on a routine basis.

If you are not doing the same then there is a risk of etching. It caused by material like water, bark, and salt. This will make glass weak and make it more susceptible to shatter.

Health of Employees

A neat and clean office is essential to preserve the health of employees. They will feel better in a clean environment and, thus, will be more productive. Cleanliness is especially important for staff members with allergies or asthma. They could have reactions to dust or other debris circulating in the air.

Therefore, if you want to make an awesome impression towards your clients go and hire best Commercial Window Cleaning Company to take care of it well.

Extreme Cleaning Services is a professional window cleaning company. We seek to maintain all of our clients with beautiful, perfectly clean, smudge-free windows and interiors. This ensures that we always help you to attract more business. We are much renowned as professional commercial cleaning services in Toronto and nearby areas.

Call us (647) 772-7962 to book service.

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